Thursday, January 8, 2009

About This Blog

I’ve got a confession to make, and like many confessions, this is a bit embarrassing to me.
This is my first blog post. Ever.

I’ve had marketing leadership roles in technology for more than 20 years. I have Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, LinkedIn, Digg, Naymz and a bunch of other Web 2.0 accounts. I routinely read a number of blogs. I believe in the value of these technologies so much, I even immediately explained to my CEO that we were going to start blogging, and that included him when I first started here in mid September. Not only did he enthusiastically agree, but he beat me to the punch and already has started posting.

I don’t know why it’s taken so long, but now really is a good time to start my own blog. I’ve learned a number of things since joining EthicsPoint: My coworkers truly care about doing the right thing and exceeding the expectations of our customers. The people here are friendly, approachable and passionate about what they do. This passion is appreciated– I’ve heard over and over when talking to our customers that they really like the personal attention they’ve received from Employee A and B. But as a company, we haven’t taken advantage of the technologies that can improve our communication and strengthen our relationship with you. Blogs are just one way we’re changing that.

So, in order to walk the walk, I’m belatedly – but happily - entering the blogosphere. Because I’m blogging as the leader of the marketing team at EthicsPoint, many of my posts will touch on things relevant to our industry, business ethics in general, marketing and will include some company info as well. But I’m going to try really hard not to have this become just another vehicle to push our marketing messages. You can get those on our web site, through our case studies, press releases, whitepapers, sales presentations, etc. Instead, I’m essentially going to write about things that you and I might discuss if we were having a beer together after a day of work.

Hopefully you’ll find it useful, interesting or thought-provoking. But whether or not I hit the mark, I sincerely hope you’ll join the conversation and let me know your thoughts.
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