Tuesday, March 23, 2010

World's Most Ethical Companies

Ethisphere announced the winners of their 2010 Most Ethical Companies Award earlier this week, and despite criticism in some quarters, I look forward to announcements such as this. The criticism in Slate highlights that Ethisphere's sister organization, Corpedia, consults on ethics and compliance, so there is the potential for conflicts of interest. I won't argue this point, and will leave it to others to determine for themselves whether to regard such rankings as gospel or with a grain of salt.

But I do believe there is value in rankings if for no other reason than to highlight the great work companies are doing in this space. For the past 1.5 years I've had the good fortune to speak with a broad spectrum of ethics and compliance leaders - across large, medium and small size organizations, across all industries, non-profits and educational institutions, and I do believe that most companies are ethical and working to constantly evolve and improve their compliance programs. Celebrating the efforts of the few recognized still brings positive reinforcement to the profession and helps to underscore the importance of a strong program.

Further, Ethisphere has tracked the stock performance of the companies named to their list, and as you can see below, the companies they recognize as ethical outperform their peers and the market in good times and bad. More justification for the resources companies are devoting to fostering a culture of integrity and compliance!

WME Sample Charts.numbers

Please join me in congratulating all the EthicsPoint customers who have been recognized for their high commitment to ethical decision making:

  • AstraZeneca
  • Avaya
  • Best Buy
  • Cummins
  • Flint Hill Resources
  • General Mills
  • Henkel
  • IKEA
  • Johnson Controls
  • Noblis
  • Parsons
  • Premier
  • Rezidor Hotel Group
  • Ricoh
  • Salesforce.com
  • The Hartford
  • Wisconsin Energy Corporation
  • Wisconsin Physicians Service
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